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Jason Drake, a Lake Stevens painter, offers world class interior and exterior painting services at prices that are hard to beat and affordable to local clients.

We employ only professional painters who are skilled, experienced, and well trained to carry out all kinds of painting work. Also, we never compromise on the quality of our work and utilize only the very best painting materials for all our services.

So, if you are looking for a Lake Stevens painter that genuinely cares about your project, call us today @ 425-512-7400 or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.



What our painting customers have to say:

Lake Stevens Painting

Incredible Commercial Painting Contractor!

I highly recommend Sound Quality Painting in Lake Stevens. I had them work on a large building and several smaller jobs around the area and without fail this team of commercial painting contractors has left me 100% satisfied.

They came on time and walked me through all of the steps necessary to produce incredible exterior painting results.  Jason, the owner, has a complete line of highly specialized services and painting products that will make your home really stand out in your Lake Stevens neighborhood.  I will definitely continue working with Jason in the future. He returns e-mails and phone calls promptly and arrives on time. Call him today for exterior painting and other services.   Sound Quality Painting… the name speaks for itself.

— Royal Stevens                Lake Stevens Painter

repair work in Lake Stevens
Interior work  in Lake Stevens

The Best in Lake Stevens… Includes Repair Services Too!

I’m very pleased with the services offered by Sound Quality Painting.  I knew we would be in good hands with Jason from the time we had our first conversation. We walked around my new home looking at some exterior repair work that needed to be done.  We inspected every detail of the exterior of my home and then he had several repair suggestions before writing up the estimate. So, we made out a list of items together that would include repair work. This list appeared as part of the estimate.

This Painters estimate included specific details for:

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Pressure washing prior to painting
  • Special prep work for painting
  • Special products to assist the painter

He took great care to protect our floor surfaces, doors, and windows and he uses only the highest quality painting products.  His estimate of how long this exterior project would take was very accurate even though he took on a few extras he didn’t even charge for. I highly recommend you get an estimate from Jason today.

— Ramona Sipple                      Lake Stevens Painter 

Exceptional Painter, Call For an Estimate Today!

Jason and the exterior painting crew at Sound Quality Painting are incredible. Jason was very helpful in answering all of my questions and he was prompt to come over to our home and provide an estimate which included some repair work. He even shared his expertise on how to solve some of our interior sheet rock repair issues. When it came time to start the work the painters were always on time and did an incredible job.

My wife and I recommend this team of exceptional painters to anyone needing honest, professional, and high quality paint services. You will not be disappointed with Sound Quality Painting. I mean it, call today to learn about their exterior repair services and get a free estimate.

— Michael Marshall                    Lake Stevens Painting          


Painting Lake Stevens
Kitchen area

These Lake Stevens Painting Services Are Highly Recommended!

I hired Sound Quality Painting to do some exterior painting of my house. The painters were great from the beginning to end. Within a day from the first time I called, Jason the owner was at my door to walk with me through the entire job. He immediately sent me a very fair estimate following our first meeting. They started the exterior painting the next day and were done with the entire job within a few days.

Jason made recommendations about types of painting finishes and quality levels for the exterior paint. This was all new to me and some repairs and preparations required a more complex approach. He never hesitated in answering all of the questions we had and his repair services are the best.

They were reliable, clean, thorough and friendly. I highly recommend getting an estimate from Sound Quality Painting today. Anyone looking to update their home today should call this commercial exterior painting contractor.

— Gary D.                    Lake Stevens Painting

The Best Exterior Painting Crew, Call Them Today!

Since the very first time we spoke, Jason quickly accommodated my requests. He asked what I needed and what my vision for my home was. He then pointed out the pros and cons and what could be accomplished by his painting services. I was excited for a new look for my home. Since Jason is a professional and has a great deal more experience than I do, he offered some nice feedback and I loved his ideas.

The price quoted on the estimate was just right and no new repair work showed up as the painting progressed. What surprised me was how quick Jason could start and how quick they were done! Everything turned out beautiful. I would recommend Sound Quality Painting to anyone who is in the process of remodeling their home. The guys are great, kind, and very respectful. Call them today at 425-512-7400 for a free estimate.

Fantastic work!  My home’s exterior looks beautiful. 

— K. Engle                    Painting Lake Stevens          

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