Interior Painter Lake Stevens
Interior Painter Lake Stevens

Interior Painting Process


“We use the very best products and do high quality painting at reasonable prices. Below is everything we provide at one fair price.”


Sound Quality Painting usually begins by doing all necessary prep work.  Caulking of cracks and patching small holes in the sheet rock is done prior to painting walls. We use a 45 year caulk. We then apply stain blockers or sealers as required.   


Typically painting begins on the same day.  We use the highest grades of paint and follow the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines which includes applying the paint at a proper mil thickness wet or dry.  Two coats will not add to or take away from the warranty.  We apply most interior paints in a two coat process to thickness specifications and if necessary add more for coverage or hiding at our discretion.

All trim, window trim, door jambs, baseboards are sprayed using an airless sprayer and fine finish tip.


Sound Quality Painting will clean the job site to include picking up all trash, vacuuming, cleaning counters, etc.

Touch up Kit: 

A touch up kit that includes a pint of each paint or product used is left in a labeled box for your convenience.  Each sample is labeled with the color name or number, type of product, sheen, and where it is located on the job.


Upon completion, Sound Quality Painting mails an invoice the same day along with a touch up request form and a customer suggestion form with a self-addressed stamped envelope for your convenience.  We encourage all customers to send the suggestion form in whether positive or negative to help us improve customer service.

If a touch up request form is sent we will schedule touch ups within 3 days for your satisfaction.

“I am known for my high quality work. Please don’t ask me to skip steps in our process or use cheaper products that you provide. My reputation is what puts food on my family’s table. To do inferior work and use inferior products would eventually erode my company’s reputation and put me out of business.”



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